1.     Go to https://tfc.tv/Telstra and select any from the Plan Options

2.     Sign up and register from any of the following:

        a. Email

        b.  Mobile Number

3.     Complete the registration form then click on Sign Up

4.     Enter your payment information if you select Premium

5.     Once completed, you can now add the iWantTFC app on your Telstra TV

6.     Select Sign In to log in your iWantTFC account

a.     Sign In Now

         By entering your iWantTFC email address and password

b.     Sign In via the Web

         Go to http://tfc.tv/telstra/activate via browser from any device

         Enter your iWantTFC email address and password when logging in for the time

         Enter the activation code then click on Activate

         Your Telstra TV screen will now redirect to iWantTFC Home Page

OR, if you have just registered via the link flashed on your iWantTFC Home Page on Telstra TV (https://tfc.tv/telstra), please follow the steps below.