If you are unable to log in to iWantTFC there might be an issue in connecting your device to your iWantTFC account.  To resolve this, just follow the steps below:

For iWantTFC mobile app:

1. Log in using the email address and password.

2. Wait for a few seconds to log in.

3. If you encounter an issue upon logging in, you may send the screenshot of the error to us at support@iwanttfc.com so we could look in to this further.

4. You can use different device/browser to log in to your account while we are checking your concern.


For mobile browsers:

1. Clear cache your browsing history. (see guides on how to clear cache using different browsers)

2. Go to https://iwanttfc.com then try to log in again using your email address and password used to access your iWantTFC account. 

3.If the above steps do not work and still unable to log in, use other browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari and open a new Incognito tab (use Private Browsing for Safari) to log in.

4. If still the same, try to log in using mobile app or different device.