1. Visit the iWantTFC website at https://iwanttfc.com (the “iWantTFC Website” / “Website”) using web or a mobile browser and sign up or log in to your iWantTFC account.   

2. Click on the “Account” button found on the upper right corner of the page (head icon) to view the features of the Standard Plan. 

3. Click on the SELECT button at the bottom of the column for Standard Plan. 

4. Click on the CONTINUE button to go to the Check Out Page. 

5. On the Check Out Page, enter your payment information.  

6. Agree to the iWantTFC T&Cs and the Automatic Payment by checking the box beside the statement “I have read, understood and accept the iWantTFC Terms and Conditions of Subscription and/or Use, its terms on Automatic Payment.”. 

7. Click on the “Place Order” button found at the bottom of the Check Out Page to complete your purchase. 

8. You will receive a pop-up message confirming your purchase of the Standard Plan. 

NOTE: The Standard Plan is available for purchase on web or mobile browser only.